Traveling Tips for Your First Trip to Italy

Italy is more than a mere country on the map. The name itself creates a notion of nostalgia that has left a poetic impression on the world. Italy’s towns and villages welcome a myriad of curious travelers. History seems to charm the very hillsides with an expansive collection of the arts, fine foods and a brilliant view of Italy from every turn. Day dreaming of your trip to Italy will include violin music and the beauty that surrounds the region. First time visitors might experience a twist along their travel path if you are not adequately prepared for the charismatic culture of the country. This is why we laid down the selection of must-know tips for you to follow.

Language and Articulation

Italy is a country that maintains its culture and historical integrity. When you find yourself in Italy, you will note the main language spoken is Italian. While this may seem like an obvious conclusion, it is important to note as it sets a specific premise for your journey. Despite being on the travelers hot spot destination list, the fluent language of the language remains Italian. You will find scarce diversity, however knowing the Italian basics is a tip of the tongue must during your visit.


Italy is synonymous with delectable words such as al dente, spaghetti and pesto. It is common to assume there are helpings and heapings of delicious foods on every corner. While Italy may not rain Gelato and stuffed Cannoli, you will find the finest feasts throughout the many towns. Interestingly, each region holds its own tried and true recipes. You may be hard pressed to find your favorites depending on where you are. You will also note meal times vary into late evening hours. It is good to have a snack if you are used to a 5 P.M. mealtime.

Specific Service

You will experience a heightened service experience in most cases, and some questionable scenarios in others. Italians have flawless taste and a specific standard that is considered tradition. The reason visitors will often be taken aback, is they travel all the way to Italy with the expectations it will be the same as home. Italians hold a strong connection with their heritage and graciously share their culture with the world. It should rightly become the expectation to adapt to their customs while we are guests. As they say: “When in Rome…”.


Italy is generally a safe haven in comparison to other countries. There is a certain eloquence that mingles with old world ideals that are found throughout the area. A few of the pitfalls to avoid include scam artists who try to trick a tourist into spending money by pretending to give an item away. This scheme will usually begin with a friendly compliment or conversation. The next concern is a rise in pickpocketing occurrences. Keep this in mind when you are out and about to achieve a stress-free holiday in Italy.