Travel Differences of Northern and Southern Italy

Traveling to the cobblestoned streets of Italy bring dreams of sunsets and the scent of tree lined breezes to the scene. Italy is one of the wondrous countries of the world that has an old world appeal. Antiquated architecture is paired with charming towns and villages. Gorgeous settings surround Italy with a melody of land surfaces and sea side views. Known for their delectable eats and romantic enchantment, Italy is a favorited retreat for travelers. Depending on which side of the country you are exploring, you will find a range from stunning city lifestyles to the muse of history that still lies in the hillside.

Northern Italy and Southern Italy seem to have an invisible line that separates the two sides. The differences of North to South outweigh their similarities. When planning a trip to Italy, it is important to consider your expectations prior to deciding on where in Italy you would like to venture.

Southern Italy versus Northern Italy

There is an abundance of transition the country makes from the Northern Region to the Southern region of Italy. As we review the differences between the two, you will begin to envision your visit with endearing details.

Northern Italy begins its boundary above the borders of Rome. It is in the North you find a strengthened economic structure. Industry has seen expansive growth giving the region a reputation for being wealthier with a focus on modern amenities. History is still woven through Northern Italy while it remains a presence in its Southern counterpart. In the South end of the country you will note a Mediterranean influence which impacts the towns and villages. Southern Italy has preserved the essence of an eras past with a seemingly untouched surrounding. There is less hustle in the bustle when you find yourself traveling in the South. A generous interest in the beauty of Italy is found within their culture that remains an integral aspect in their communities.

The Northern way of life is refined with a glass of wine and their own consideration of proper. As you move further South, you will see a more laid back approach to the day. This makes many consider the South to be friendlier and less paced in their endeavors. Sites in the north are extravagant with articulated art, architecture and a sense of splendor. Southern Italy is filled with art, sea side views and a zest for life. You will find mealtimes are served earlier in the North than the South. With Pesto and Pizza served, you will find both sides of Italy a delightful way to feast on your Italian favorites.

At the end of the traveling day, if you are seeking an Italian retreat with small villages and stone rods, you will fall in love with the customs and culture of the Southern Italy. To enjoy the spectacular spots most visited, Northern Italy will have a schedule full of possibilities. If you are left undecided, plan a trip to the center of Italy for the best of both worlds.