Tourism in North East Italy

The northeast of Italy consists of a wide area including the mountains of the Dolomites, the flooded city of Venice, a number of industrial cities and the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. With the mountains boasting a busy ski industry tourists visit this region all of the year round.

One of the most popular tourist cities in the world is Venice. There are 210,000 people living on 114 separate islands that are separated by the dense canal system. Venice is built on a shallow lagoon and its original setting plus outstanding architecture and museums has resulted in millions of visitors visiting the city each year.

The Grand Canal in Venice

Many parts of the city are subsiding and they are helped by tourists visiting the city. It is estimated that around 25 million people visit Venice each year and people have been attracted to the city since the 18th century.

The city has a major number of visitors who arrive by boats that cruise up the Adriatic Sea from the Mediterranean. So are so many famous attractions for the tourists to see such as the St Mark’s Basilica, the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco.

The city has been mentioned as a “living museum” but with the onset of global warming its long-term future is not guaranteed. If it was lost it would have huge repercussions on the Italian economy, so the management of the current situation is the number one priority of the Venice authorities.

The coastal strip along the Adriatic coast has some popular resorts. One of its most famous is the city of Rimini which has a population of 145,000 people. It is one of Europe’s most popular beach resorts as its beach is 15 kilometers long and it contains over 1000 hotels on it.

The vast size of Rimini Beach

Since the mid-19th century people have been coming to the resort to enjoy the sea, sun and sand. The visitors to the region are greeted by a wide array of restaurants, discos and bars. This has resulted in the economy of the city being entirely dependent on tourism. Each business is linked to the resort regularly attract large numbers of tourists each year.

The sea isn’t the only reason that people are attracted to the north-east of Italy. The Dolomites are among the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world and attract huge numbers of both winter and summer visitors.  The Trentino valley is the central area where many of the larger settlements are located and where tourists arrive first, before heading for the mountains.

The region of Emilia-Romagna covers the Dolomites and has more hotel beds than any other region in Italy. It is also one of the wealthiest regions in the country in which to live. The area has always been rich in agriculture and its main city, Bologna flourished during the industrial revolution.

Many of Italy’s leading car manufacturers have located in the city and these have included Ferrari and Ducati. The dense network of roads makes it easy for tourists in the region to swap from enjoying the beach, to visiting cultural attractions in Bologna.

The northeast of the country is well served by the airports at Venice and Bologna and its easy access has resulted in it being one of the most popularly visited regions in the country.