Things to Do in Venice – Part 2

Part two of our exhilarating journey to discover lesser known tourist gems of Venice and we once again clamber into our gondola and take to the medieval canals of Venice. This is not to say that the well-known attractions are not worth seeing, even though the tourists make it a little uncomfortable, you must take in the usual suspects as well. The purpose of this blog is to take you to some hidden gems that you may have never heard of and that you won’t have to fight off hordes of tourists when you try to take a selfie. We start with an event that if you plan your trip right you can add to your sightseeing enjoyment.

Venice Biennale

If you love art, then it is well worthwhile trying to fix your itinerary when visiting Venice, so you can take in this fabulous event. As it sounds, the Venice Biennale happens every two years, and is widely regarded as one of the prominent cultural events in the world. This highly auspicious art event has been taking place since 1895, and in odd-numbered years it focuses on visual art, and on even-numbered years the primary focus is architecture. Obviously, the event takes place in temporary pavilions that are located at Giardini della Biennale and more than seventy countries show their exhibits.

Carnevale Festival

Another event to keep in mind when planning to visit Venice is the Carneval Festival. This carnival held every February is a must to attend as it dates back to Renaissance times. For hundreds of years Venetians have been donning white gilded masks and highly colorful theatrical costumes to join in with all the fun. Other trade mark accessories are black capes and the obligatory feathered hats, all adding more mystery to the occasion. Why not go the whole hog when attending this thrilling party and get a handmade mask from one of the traditional Venetian mask makers such as Ca’ Macana. During the festival you will find street fairs, boat parades and the highly elegant formal balls.

Museo del Merletto

Why not take time out from the bustling tourist venues and attractions to learn about medieval Venice? By visiting the Museo del Merletto you can discover centuries of old lace-making traditions in one place. And the great thing about visiting the museum is that it is one of the prettiest islands in the Venetian Lagoon. Venice has been a traditional and important trading hub since its very inception, and the Merchants of Venice were once some of the richest men in the world. Lace was one of their most sought-after trading commodities, which they used to exchange for other precious goods from around the world.

Burano Lace is reputed as being one of the best in the world, and many counterfeit producers try to capitalize on its popularity. Even today there are a handful of lace-makers that still live on the island and you can see them at work at the Museo del Merletto. The museum is a perfect example of some of the things you can see that the majority of tourists pass on but are well worth seeking out.