Island hopping in Italy

Italy is a fantastic summer destination for sun worshippers and the country is surrounded by a number of islands where the combination of sun drenched beaches, clear warm water and healthy Mediterranean cuisine makes them popular destinations. They are however very different from each other. Sicily is the biggest Island in the Mediterranean Sea and is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina. There are many reasons why tourists are attracted to Sicily and one of the main ones is to visit Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe.

There are occasions when Mount Etna is still active

With Sicily being separated from the rest of the country, it has its own culture. Visitors are attracted to its unique arts, music, literature and cuisine and it has a rather dark past as a result of its association with the Mafia.

People who come to the Island are often attracted by its history. There is evidence of the Island experiencing foreign occupation with the remains at Syracuse being a reminder of the times when the Island was home to the Greeks. There are also many monuments that celebrate the occupation of the Romans, as Sicily was an important place for the Roman Empire. A trip to Sicily is for many people a part of their Island hopping experience with large number of tourists each year arriving and departing from Milazzo on hydrofoils to visit the surrounding smaller islands, such as Vulcano and Stromboli. Each island has its own unique heritage and many people visit for the quitter and calmer beaches that can be found.

Capri, located on the southern side of the off the Gulf of Naples, is another popular Island that is well visited. However this Island is not for the budget tourist as it is frequented by the rich and famous. The island is home to many Roman remnants and in Villa Jovis it has one of the best preserved villas in the whole of the Italy.

Villa Jovis on Capri

The physical nature of the Island means that many of the visitors who go the island are not interested in the seas, as it is difficult to reach. However, the architecture, the art and the cuisine has resulted in it being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Another one of Italy’s popular Islands is Sardinia and it is made famous by the fact it is located closely to the neighboring island of Corsica, which is French. It is a separate region of Italy and enjoys some special privileges. It is a big island with three international airports.

People are able to go on holiday on the Island for a variety of reasons. Some come for the secluded beaches that are found around the Island and do not suffer from the overcrowding like many others around the country. The ports of the island are also popular with there being over 40 which tourists like to visit.

Other tourists visit to explore the Island’s history, with Sardinia having experienced a number of different occupiers over the centuries. The Spanish, the Romans, the French, the Germans and the Italians themselves all wanting control and leaving behind a certain influence on the culture of the Island. The islands of Italy are popular and each one has its own unique culture that makes them totally different from one another.